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C. M. Bratton writes novels, novellas, short stories, and scripts for film and stage. These stories represent a mix of fantasy, science-fiction, suspense, magic realism, psychological thriller, and yes – comedy! C.M currently has eight books published and one comic. She also was a co-writer on the film, “Sanitarium,” starring Malcolm McDowell, Lou Diamond Phillips, & Robert Englund, which has also been turned into a comic book series of the same name. In addition, C.M. is a trained performer, with B.A.s in Theatre Arts & Spanish from Yale University, & an M.A. in Drama from TWU. She performs/records all of her audiobooks. As an avid dragon watcher, C.M. looks forward to writing more worlds and sharing them with you. 

Click on any of the links to the left for information on publications and upcoming projects. 

Keep updated at C. M.'s blog: "Left of Write" or become a Fan via Facebook!

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