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HEART: a visceral fantasy - Borderlands Tales Volume I

WINNER! 1st Place FAIRY TALE for the Texas Association of Authors BEST BOOK AWARDS!!! Where Time stretches out as the Red Queen searches for the stolen piece of Her Self… Where a boy becomes Hunter when he follows the melody and loses his Soul in the process… Where two Sundered Selves meet in a fantasy of missing organs and sacrifice everything to be Whole, aided by a Worm, an almost-Cat, and guards without faces… Welcome to the Land of Wonder.

The Steeping Season - Borderlands Tales II

WINNER! 1st Place FICTION for the North Texas Book Festival! The Hatter Did Not Always Hat... On a field of battle, a broken man lies. He fears the worst - until an innocent call to Time leads him into a world unlike any he’s ever known... Once, the Hatter was a boy full of dreams of Magic and Fortune. Once, he was sane. Once, before he ever came to the Land of Wonder... From wartime battlefields to great faery forests, from shattered castles to the Borderlands shrouded in fog, from a checked red and black path to a meadow frozen in Spring, from a mad Tea Party to a concert for a Queen... This is the lost tale of the Angry Hatter, condemned to live on in the Steeping Season... Enjoy this second volume of Borderlands Tales, sequel to award-winning Wonderland-esque dark fairy tale, HEART: a visceral fantasy.

The Ticking Hand - Borderlands Tales III

When a young leveret fled from war, he set into motion a course of events that would haunt him throughout Time... For Hare, finding home is essential to living a good life. But even after settling into one place after another, he’s unable to find peace. It’s not that the Hare wants to be late. He tries. But a curse hangs over him, a remnant from a past he’s tried hard to forget. If only he could call on Time and beg to end the lateness that plagues his life. But Khronos is Everywhere and Everywhen, and he is not easily summoned. With urging from the ever-game Chess, Hare undertakes a quest through the Borderlands and return to the place he was born. Along the way, he must face body-stealing monsters and a dead world in an attempt to matter to Time and break free once and for all from the Ticking Hand.

Down This Winding Path, Borderlands Tales Shorts

TALES FROM THE EYES OF AN OTHER BEING...The Land of Wonder is filled with all sorts of colorful and strange characters... but how did they get there? Follow the paths of the Baker, the Duchess, the Egg, Sir Blanco, Wocky the Jabberer, and the Mocking Turtle in a whole new set of adventures, as narrated by the ever-mischievous and playful Chess...

Wraithling Born

Follow an epic journey of fantasy and adventure as Scholar and Artist hunt the origins of the elusive Djinn. Trekking across exotic lands and over raging seas, they journey to the volcanic island home of demons of smoke and ash. Will they survive finding what they are both seeking so desperately?

Secondary Worlds, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Poetry

Enjoy this collection of poetry from members of the San Antonio Sci-Fi & Fantasy Authors Association, edited by C.M. Bratton

Tertiary Lands, Short Stories of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Enjoy this collection of short stories from members of the San Antonio Sci-Fi & Fantasy Authors Association, edited by C.M. Bratton

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