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Depths of Perception

2017 BEST BOOK SCI-FI WINNER In the distant future, all that remains of humanity lives deep on the ocean floor. Here, scientists came to find a way to keep humanity alive. In the effort to preserve the human race, they combined human DNA with marine animals, resulting in a city populated by something more than they intended. Will the plans of the ancients come to fruition once the secrets of the undersea city have been laid bare? The fates of all who dwell beneath the waves will pivot on the world shattering choice of a homeless outcast who discovers the truth.

Heights of Deception

Sequel to "Depths of Perception"

They fled the wars that threatened to destroy the earth, taking refuge at the bottom of the ocean in the hope that the weight of the seas would keep them safe. After two decades of genetic experimentation, seventy were chosen for cryo-stasis, to only return at a time when the surface was safe once more.

But when these survivors awaken, nothing is as it seems. They float on the ocean, adrift from all they knew, suffering the effects of prolonged immersion in their cryo-pods.

As they struggle to recover their faculties and physical strength, they must discover a new refuge, a place to restart humanity before the now-hostile planet destroys the last remnants of the human race.

And from the depths below, a lone watcher follows the solitary ship, himself a shadow of what remains of the grand experiment begun a millennium before. What will the Ancients choose?

The Evriskon Saga

2016 BEST BOOK SCI-FI SERIES Together in one volume - the story of a merciless AI's destruction of Earth and one woman's fight to save the survivors and escape the cyborg hunting her.

Evriskon: Future Lost

When the Nexus takes over the world and begins killing humanity, one woman discovers how to travel to another habitable planet. But after convincing the other survivors to follow, her own fight to live is challenged when she ends up chased by a machine and becomes lost in the future. Will she survive facing the same enemy twice?

Evriskon: Earth Bound

The Evrískon has succeeded and arrived on the new planet, but many others did not. These losses weigh heavily on her, but they threaten to become worse when an alien illness sweeps through the survivors. She decides to return to Earth and recover a hidden cache of medical supplies. But her journey quickly becomes fraught with constant battles when an old foe returns and a new one is born. In the race to save the burgeoning settlement, the Evrískon discovers the Nexus is pulling all the strings. Will her choices ultimately save or ruin humanity's last survivors?

Epilogue to Survival

Survival is a Process… When the lights flicker and die, when the ground shakes, when the sky explodes, when darkness closes in, will you be strong enough to survive? And will you be strong enough to survive again?

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